Waist Fan 6000mAh Power Bank Air Conditioning For Outdoor

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Product description
2 In 1 Waist Fan 6000mAh Power Bank Air Conditioning For Outdoor Sports Portable Neck Fan USB Rechargeable bladeless Mini Fan

Product name: Outdoor hanging waist fan
Product Color: Army Green/Orange
Product size: 90*51*117 mm
Color box size: 110*57*123mm
Outer box size: 460*315*400mm
Packing Quantity: 60pcs
FCL gross weight: 21kg
Net weight of the whole box: 20kg
Product weight: 265g

Product selling point:
1: Suitable for outdoor workers to hang waist fans;
2: Standard lanyard, one machine can be used for both neck and waist;
3: 6000 mAh polymer lithium battery, super long battery life, safer and more secure
4: 2A input/output, can be used as emergency power bank function;
5: DC brushless motor, strong wind;
6: Outdoor wind design, with silicone, anti-drop and shock absorption.

Product parameters:
Rated input: DC5.0V/2.0A
Working current: 0.5-2A
Rated power: ≤8W
Battery capacity: 6000mAh
Battery life: about 23 hours for 1st gear, 12 hours for 2nd gear, 7 hours for 3rd fan Charging time: about 4 hours
Product material: ABS/silicone/electronic components

Product packing list:
Fan host*1, Type-c charging cable*1, lanyard*1, Chinese and English manual*1

Product operating instructions:
1. Fan function:
Press the switch once to start the 1st gear. Press the switch for the second time to start the 2-speed air volume. Press the switch for the third time to start the 3-speed air volume. Press the switch a fourth time to turn off the fan. the above cycle.
2. Indicator light description:
There are three power indicator lights. The three indicator lights are always on when fully charged. Each light indicates about 33% of the power.

Outdoor Hanging Waist fan
Cool Accompany You

-6000 mAh large capacity

-Hanging waist neck
-Strong wind
-Polymer battery
-Portable source
-6000mAh endurance
-Anti falling and shock absorption

Optimization Of Outdoor Summer Resort
Summer wind power to meet the needs of different outoor people
-Takeout staff
-Outdoor work
-Outdoor sport

Mobile Small Air Conditioner
Staying At The Waist
New Upgrade

Internal and external double clamping
-Designed for hanging waist
-Inner clip waist and belt outer clip tail

Hanging Neck Design
Comfortable To Wear

-Standard hanging rope, bid farewell to the traditional handheld fan really free your hands.

Third Gear Wind Regulation
Brushless motor + turbine blades create
Strong wind power

-1st gear slight soft wind
-2nd gear fresh and cool
-3rd gear cool and strong wind

Emergency Mobile Power Supply
Charging + Cooling In One

With USB interface, 5V / 2A output for emergency
Charging of your mobile device

Strong Endurance Upgrade
6000mAh High Capacity Battery

-Small size, upgraded 3 times the power, and the battery life is about 7- 23 hours.
(*The above data are obtained from laboratory tests)

Power Display Lamp
Each lamp represents about 33% of the power,
The indicator flashes when the power is less than 33%.

Anti Falling And Shock Absorption
Silicone wrapped design around the fuselage,
Effectively disperse the impact of falling,
Protect your loving machine

Product Packaging
Product accessories:
-Fan host *1
-type-C charging cable *1
-hanging rope *1
-Chinese and English instructions *1

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